Dr. Hacer Çerkez Awarded by Austria

Dr. Hacer Çerkez Awarded by Austria
Hacer Çerkez was awarded for her passionate work in aid of SOS Children’s Village, North Cyprus by the SOS Headquarters in Austria.  Her efforts and hard work which have lasted for a quater of a century were rewarded with the prestigious Hermann Gmeiner award.

9th December 2016 was a very eventful and emotional evening for our Vice President Dr. Hacer Çerkez. The SOS Children’s Village hosted a charity end of year gala to which Dr. Çerkez attended. Little did she know that Caroline Taylor from SOS Headquarters in Austria was in attendance and planning to present her with the highly reputable Hermann Gmeiner award. Dr. Çerkez has been involved with the SOS Children’s Village in North Cyprus since its project stage in 1991Initially she agreed to train the personnel and her involvement then spiralled as she was promoted  to theposition of National Coordinator which entailed managing the SOS Village with the local Management team and Board of Directors. Following her retirement she was requested to become a member on the Board of Directors for the charity organisation and her journey continued as she was later elected the President of the Board of Directors. During this time Dr. Çerkez has provided the SOS Village not only with her intellectual support but also funds, fund raising projects and more importantly a persistent motivation to succeed against all difficulties coupled with an abundance of love and positive energy.

Caroline Taylor acknowledged all of her efforts in her speech and thanked Dr.Çerkez on behalf of the SOS Headquarters. Dr. Çerkez was pleasantly surprised and emotional on the night.

As the Korineum team she provides us with a spectacular example of selflessly providing for society and we continue our charitable projects as under her invaluable guidance.

By, M.Ç. Gürtunç, Resort Coordinator, Korineum Golf & Beach Resort


(From left to right, Dervişe Çerkez Güryel, Caroline Taylor, Dr. Hacer Çerkez, Dr. Günay Çerkez, Meryem Çerkez Gürtunç, Hasan Çerkez) 

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