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All city tours include:
• Official guide
• Transfers
• Lunch
• Entrance fees

Kyrenia City Day Tour

Kyrenia was founded at the 10th century BC., by Achaean settlers and was for many centuries one of the ten kingdoms of Cyprus. In the 7th century it was fortified by the Byzantines who built the original Kyrenia Castle – later expanded by the Lusignans and then the Venetians. The British built a harbour and a quay.

The town still retains its character with many restaurants and bars by the harbour and hotels spreading east and west of the town with sandy beaches. The region, now an attractive holiday resort, boasts many historic sites worth visiting. Among these; the Kyrenia Castle and the Shipwreck Museum, the St. Hilarion Castle, the Bellapais Abbey and the Old Harbour are the most important.

You will visit:

  • St. Hilarion Castle
  • Bellapais Abbey
  • Lunch break
  • Kyrenia Castle
  • Kyrenia Harbour and Free time 

Nicosia City Day Tour

Nicosia, the capital of both North and South Cyprus, is currently the biggest and most densely populated city on the Island. The developing, urban, yet historic and charming city of Nicosia is the major centre for arts, culture, diplomacy and business. Nicosia hosts beautiful examples of Gothic and Ottoman architectural forms. The city flourished during the Lusignan era; churches and palaces were built and with the Ottoman period, the city gained new vigour, and mosques, baths and other institutions were established, and a new building activity began, and Nicosia grew in size and population. 

You will visit:

  • Kyrenia Gate
  • Mevlevi Museum (Museum of Whirling Dervishes)
  • Samanbahce Quarter
  • Venetian Column
  • Dervish Pasha Mansion
  • Lunch at the Great Inn (Buyuk Han)
  • Selmiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral)
  • St. Nicholas Church (Bedestan)
  • Covered Bazaar (Bandabuliya)
  • Lokmaci Check Point

Famagusta City Day Tour

The city of Famagusta was originally a small commercial port and fishing village. Famagusta lies on the eastern coast of the island, and poses the deepest harbour in Cyprus. The walled town and the areas around the city are peppered with ruins of civilizations ranging from Assyrian, Greek, Persian, Roman,Byzantine, Lusignans and Venetians.

Famagusta still hosts some of the best examples of medieval architecture. The golden sandy beaches of the bay of the city are well known through the world.

You will visit:

  • St. Barnabas Monastery and Icon Museum
  • Salamis Ancient City Ruins
  • Lunch break
  • La La Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral)
  • Plaza Del Proveditore
  • Ruins of the Venetian Royal Palace
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque (Church of Saints Peter and Paul)
  • The Land Gate
  • The Sea Gate
  • The Ramparts (The City Walls)
  • Othello Tower 

Güzelyurt & Lefke Cities Day Tour

Guzelyurt is a market town located in the west of North Cyprus, and is the regional capital of the Guzelyurt district. It is one of the richest agricultural areas of North Cyprus, famous particularly for the citrus (orange, lemon & grapefruit) and strawberries. They thrive in Guzelyurt's fertile red soil. A large portion of the citrus fruit is exported, and the rest is made into fruit juice and canned for local consumption as well as export.

The town was founded by the Spartans, who brought with them the worship of Aphrodite. In the middle ages, the city was referred to as Morphou, and also Theomorphou. The Morphou area grew more than half of Cyprus's citrus fruits.

Guzelyurt is not a typical tourist destination, but it is interesting to those who want to see a part of North Cyprus which is least affected by tourism.

You will visit:

  • Guzelyurt Muzeum of Nature and Archeology
  • St. Mamas Monastery
  • Lunch break
  • The Ruins of Soli
  • Vouni Palace 

Karpaz Peninsula Tour

The Karpas peninsula, the easternmost part of the island, is where the land tapers into a thin strip which stretches towards Turkey. Known as the panhandle of Cyprus it is a breath-taking adventure. Secluded beaches go on for miles, and the green of Cyprus blends with the turquoise of the Mediterranean. It’s lovely, unspoilt and the gorgeous countryside is so inviting that one can't help falling in love with Karpas at first sight.

You will visit:

  • St. Trias Basilica
  • Lunch break
  • Apostles Andreas Monastery
  • Wild Donkeys of Karpas
  • Break at Golden Sands Beach* (swimming)
  • Break at Dipkarpaz Village*

*Breaks depend on the season. In the summer season, break at Golden Sands Beach, and Dipkarpaz Village in winter

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