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Korineum offers various activities during your stay (seasonal).


The mountain biking trails in our program are spread out geographically, covering a variety of topography to give you a well-rounded feel of North Cyprus. We will visit Güzelyurt, the citrus capital in the flat west, Kyrenia Mountain Range with views of the Mediterranean in the north and the plains in the south and along the secret beaches of Karpaz peninsula in the very east. The mountain biking trails are mostly made up of narrow forest roads and occasional tarmac roads with little or no traffic.

In general, the rides are leisurely with intermittent breaks for snacks and exploring interesting spots such as the Kantara Castle, abandoned Copper mines of Lefka, aqueducts of Lapta, and the roman chapels of Karpaz. All rides are accompanied with two local guides providing guiding, interpretation and technical support. The difficulty of the trails requires skill level “B” and fitness level “2”.

Skill Level B: Can cycle on loose gravel, off road trails, typically at trail centers but stays away from any demanding terrain such as rocks and roots.

Fitness Level 2: Cycles two or more times per week at a steady pace for 3-4 hours and likes rolling trails with some long climbs.



Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, belongs to the most beautiful destinations at the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the fascinating coasts, forest and mountain landscape North Cyprus is a walking paradise. The multifaceted scenery offers many different places of excursions.

Hiking in North Cyprus offers many opportunities to experience a unique natural environment. One of the sole features of North Cyprus’ habitats is the wild and sharp differences in elevations and habitats in different parts of the island as well as different climate conditions, all of which supply a diverse habitat for a unique collection of flora and fauna. Hiking in the trails offer you to examine the unique vegetation of North Cyprus with its endemic plants and flowers, like orchids, tulips, coastal sand dunes, shrub lands, olive groves, juniper bushes, and pine and cypress forests on the mountains. In addition to flora and wildlife, look out for remnants of the island's fascinating history along your walking route. 

The difficulty of the trails consists of easy, medium, difficult and very difficult. From novice to expert, there is a perfect trail for every level of expertise. 



Likely named for its most famous daughter, Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) and also called Kypron in ancient Greek, Cyprus is a special island surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean and washed by the gentle currents running along the Egyptian coast across the opening of the Suez Canal, carrying marine life from the Red Sea, such as parrot fish.

North Cyprus is a totally new destination for divers, with the most exciting reef formations in the Mediterranean where you will find in large numbers of marine life and an incredible variety of marine species of all sizes. With unique diving sites at the east and west of Kyrenia region, diving with Wintersun Travel and Cyprus Dive Shack, makes it possible to explore the fascinating and unique underwater world of the island, where you can enjoy one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean. From simple, sandy-bottom dives for beginners, to excellent enriched air diving on the Zenobia, named one of the world's top ten dive sites by The Times in March 2003, the island's diving offers something for everyone.

Off-Shore Fishing

The Mediterranean Sea is a very important area for fishing resources. The north coasts of Cyprus, especially Kyrenia coast, is one of the best areas to fish for Albacore tuna in the Mediterranean, so much so, we're almost guaranteed a catch.

Our deep sea fishing trips start in the Kyrenia Harbour. It is here where you will board on our specialist fishing boat “Alp” equipped with all necessary equipment to fish and to ensure a fair battle between fish and fisherman. It's a very short trip from Kyrenia Harbour to reach the fishing grounds and the trip lasts approximately 6 hours and includes swimming. 

Our fishing trip includes: diesel oil, all fishing equipment, boat rental and lunch (fish, chicken or meat) with a soft drink and drinking water.

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